Uncomplicated, effective, worry-free skin care by Zoë Foster Blake. Available from: @Sephora 🇺🇸 @MeccaCosmetica @MeccaMaxima 🇦🇺🇳🇿 And here! 👇


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Fancy Face melts away all the stuff you put on your face. Yes! Zincluding all that sunscreen we know you’re wearing every single day!


“I have been testing Fancy Face and let me tell you this stuff gets the job DONE! I wear quite a bit of makeup and I've always preferred an oil cleanser to remove it all. I want my cleanser to be gentle, effective enough to remove mascara, and rinse clean without stripping my skin and this cleanser does that and more!⁠ ⁠ It's packed full of super-nourishing ingredients such as five botanical plant oils (camellia, sunflower, sweet almond, argan and passionfruit seed oil), antioxidants (vitamin e), and essential fatty acids and it also comes with a very cute muslin cloth that helps get off some of the more stubborn spots of makeup. Safe to say, I am obsessed!” @katherine.alicias


“For Fancy Face we carefully selected the best plant-based oils to both gently cleanse the skin while leaving it super hydrated and smooth. The supercharged combo uses high levels of Camellia, Sunflower, Argan, Sweet Almond, and Passionfruit Seed Oil, which are natural sources of essential fatty acids, tocopherols, polyphenols, and vitamin A. Together they help protect the skin from oxidative damage, smooth fine lines, and maintain a healthy skin barrier with a rejuvenated bounce.” Eric, Go-To’s Formulations Manager and peach lab coat wearer.


@thetennillelife_ calls this her "No Makeup Fancy Face GLOW." And we've been calling everyone we know to brag about it.


Oil cleansers take away dirty oils, and replenish the good oils, which makes them wonderfully balancing on oily skin. Remember! if you’re giving your skin too little oil (oily skins tend to avoid products with oil) your skin will usually start overproducing sebum to compensate. So you actually get oilier skin, plus congestion/clogged pores. Better to keep oil levels in check, than strip your skin of oil together.


Posh Cloth is some glorious, old-school, facialist-level witchcraft. Look after your sweet little cloth, and it’ll look after you (and your skin) too.


Friends but make it fancy. ✨


Bouncy, fresh, smug skin and an influx of compliments are common side effects of Fancy Face. 👋


We hosted four VERY fancy masterclasses at Go-To HQ this week. Press, Peach Ticket winners, and some of our longest (and loudest!) Go-To supporters came from all over 🇦🇺 for snacks, science, and some bloody good selfies. It was the best. And this bunch of cuteheads graciously agreed to let us live-stream part of it, so you could all have a squiz inside the peach lab as well. Link in stories!


Roses are red, Violets are blue, Holy shit it’s Galentine’s Day, Here are some things your girl gang can do.🌹